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Set of 3 tree of life bracelets.

Set of 3 tree of life bracelets.

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Set of 3 natural stone beaded bracelets with tree of life and lotus leaf designs would be a very elegant and symbolic choice for men and women.

Each bracelet would be made of natural stone beads, such as agate, tiger's eye, jade, or turquoise, and would have an elastic cord for a comfortable and secure fit. The beads are uniform in size and would be polished to a smooth shiny look.

On the first bracelet, there would be a tree of life leaf design, a symbol of the connection between all forms of life and the force of nature. The leaves would be engraved on a metal disc or pendant.

On the second bracelet, there would be a lotus design, a symbol of purity, spirituality, and enlightenment.

The third bracelet would have a simple but elegant design, with natural stone beads and a small pendant.

This set of bracelets would be an excellent choice for couples looking for a symbolic and elegant gift, or for anyone who appreciates the beauty of natural stone and the symbology of these designs.

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